You ARE Magnificent

9th March 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

All at this time is helping you, guiding you, nudging you within what arises to break out of the old ways, if it sounds like a broken record that’s because doing so is not a day or week process as we are dealing with ingrained beliefs, habits and the inner critic our self-dialogue that we have carried for a lifetime if not lifetimes, all a part of the divine human, the physical form journey. However there has been huge, huge steps made for all of us, truly magical breakdowns, breakthroughs and awakenings, rebirths that see us now so much more connected with/within ourselves and aware when we make a choice that doesn’t sit right, or that doesn’t sit within truth, when we are DOing mindlessly and not Being, responding from the head and not taking a pause engaging the heart and being present so we can read and feelthe situation, with all our senses. Then our decisions, expressions projection and responses are aligned within a higher vibration, they come from a place of connection with you as a whole that holds a higher vibrational space that honours and serves us and all.

All at this time serves to help bring what is ready to resolution and completion ALL so we can open more to ourselves and to the new that is already present for us. So see if you can within all that arises, thought, emotion, within interaction is bringing you choice to respond and to align with love and peace. Celebrate all that comes up that is actively showing you the rewards of your journey, your inner work and the outcome in form of the choices you have made, be open to receive, see just how far you have truly come, keep going. Continue to trust yourself within all, you may not be able to see in your reality or feel within you the shift/release just yet but there is as said so much occurring within you, within the cells, the systems, being released, detached, rearranged and reconnected, restructured, space is being created where the density, the unhealed and unresolved once took up space. Be patient, the hardest thing to do at times is hold your faith and trust, your faith and trust is everything. We don’t get it right all the time nor do we have to, let it go lighten your mental and emotional load and hold compassion and understanding that this is okay this is the space we all learn from, this is the growth and what we are here for.

Trust your gut feelings, your body’s messages telling you something isn’t right or that perhaps you need to rethink that ‘yes’, trust your intuitive knowing this is how it grows and deepens, expands, we all have it. Your internal radar in connection with your higher knowing and Soul are all guiding you in your right direction within each decision, choice, action, expression. Listening to the whole of you, body, yes and the logical mind for it is useful, the heart and your higher knowing (intuition), the Divine wisdom streaming in if you just open to receive and trust this is so, as all works together so you are better able to create within your day what you desire for yourself and your world.

Can you see just how far you have come, just how much you have shifted and expanded, you have become so much more self-aware and connected that (say) a year ago, two years ago, five years ago. Can you see how magnificent you really are and if you recoil at that thought of seeing or calling yourself magnificent, amazing, incredible for it is not of the ego but recognising just how amazing we are as Light in human form, then you know you still have more of yourself to bring into love, so we can know our true worth, our worthiness to shine and know ourselves as the Divine knows us, and yes that is MAGNIFICENT.

Much Love xxx

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