Creating Freedom Within

28th February 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

We are all coming into being, we are emerging into grander expressions of ourselves, all takes place from within. We emerge from the inside out as we continue to process and be willing to let go of the mistruths and see, know, feel who we really are underneath. Continue to dissolve and transmute the old beliefs we hold about ourselves and be brave enough to see ourselves past what we have defined ourselves to be, the labels we have placed on ourselves, whether created purely of our own accord or taken on as a belief from another, a trauma, an experience.

Soul calls you to listen to your heart, to know that which it truly desires can be. BELIEVE. Be aware in your day when you find you are thinking a million miles ahead, all the how do I’s, the what if’s that can make things so very confusing, cloud your knowing and inner voice. The mind engages and attaches so quickly to fears and doubts bringing all those old limiting beliefs you are trying so hard to be aware of and let go, to create anew. You are better able to make change and see clearly if you are present with yourself, check in with yourself in your day where is your focus? Bring the mind into the heart, breathe and look at the small steps you can do today. It may be just getting your mindset right, reconnecting in with your body and your heart, your inner self, your Divine connection so you can start to really feel back into your power, your truth. When we want to make change it can feel overwhelming and we have no idea where to start which sees us give up easily, it feels too hard. Start within yourself, one thing at a time, be present, make commitment to yourself to make time to go within, to meditate or sit in sacred space, whatever it is that connects you to your inner light and your Divine connection with All. This creates and builds a strong and connected foundation with yourself for you to then create from/upon. You are the key see yourself as valuable and worthy enough of making the time.

Again the message of our emotions and judgement, this is so very important, but it is a practice, we don’t and won’t get it right all the time, but with conscious awareness to how we are either adding to existing or creating new stories within our minds that then run emotional charge (energy) through our systems we can come back to a space of greater neutrality. Or at least a space that is not as worked up or overflowing for we cannot create from such a space of discord. Allowing your emotions and seeing all your experiences particularly the ones that don’t feel great, that may bring up harder emotions such as anger, shame, blame, guilt as okay (it’s a practice) means being kind and compassionate, understanding with yourself. It asks us to feel, to allow, to release and to also start to be more self-exploratory, can you get right in within yourself and see the root of the emotion and explore what arises without judgement? What is being shown to you? If it feels really hard to be with or be present within a particular story or emotion see yourself as rising above your timeline so you can be an observer and not feel into it so much. Send yourself love and compassion in that moment, but also acknowledge that moment is in the past. Now come back into present time.

The inner work is the opener, what sees us emerge and arise into even more beautiful, luminous, powerful versions of ourselves. We are creating freedom within dear hearts, it’s happening.

Much Love xxx

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