Todays Message – The Mind

7th September 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

The mental mind may be a bit more active today, you may feel that you have an urge to get to tidying up and the doing action side of getting things in order. Organisation may feel important at this time so as to feel a sense of calm and clarity around you, which will also help the mental space.

At the same time your mental space may be overly critical of what is occurring within your world and that at large. So there is a need to mindfully balance the want to do, to action, and for some it may feel overwhelming as you start to look at all the spaces that need a bit of attention, the list may be long. Try not to allow the mind to overwhelm you, you don’t need to get it all done in a day, small steps will achieve the outcome. Some of what the mind is fussing over or being overly critical about will shift in the next few days as it may have been heightened by the moon energies.

There is a softness present, a feminine energy at this time as we are being drawn within, being called to keep being the observer of our emotions. To keep actively putting into practice all we have learned whilst also making steps in the direction of who and what we want to be, feel and see created and manifest in our reality.

Much Love xxx

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