Shine Beautiful Light

15th October 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Shine. Shine and let your beauty be seen, you in all your wisdom, your passion, your creativity, allow the grandest expression of self to be seen, to step forth, for you are not here to be hidden, to feel anything less than the incredible being you are. You are here to Live in fullness, in the fullness of all life offers. Opportunities in abundance that will open and present for you when you allow yourself to be unashamedly you and project the fullness of who you are out into the world.

Remember anything that comes to you over the next few days through situations that feel testing we are being asked to trust in our ability to move through them, to keep practicing what we have learned and keep choosing to sink into our new found/learned wisdom, to act in our growth and the newer ways we wish to show up and be within these situations. It’s the practice so we really embody what we have been working on.

Sink into your heart, pause if things feel trying, as came through yesterday also, less of the old ways of instant reactiveness to allow the best possible, peaceful outcomes for all. We may be tested over the next few day to look at what serves us, what is best and what isn’t. Again sink into your knowing, use the wisdom within you, know it is how you think, feel and react, or not, that says mountains and sets the path before you.

Keep choosing the higher path for self rather than reacting and allowing the mind to take over, being pulled back into old ways of being, this is the ‘practice’ being given to us, this is how we master and move through and on, and it feels so good doesn’t it as you observe yourself and your beautiful changes. Keep stepping with dedicated aligned steps for your future path. Remember you are the director of your life, be aware of where you are trying to push and rush to get things done, listen to what you really need here, the body is speaking to many of us at this time (still) and this comes back to our old ways of being in feeling we have to achieve and get things done, to be busy to feel worthy or of value. Balance and self-care are calling so you can be the best version of self.

Much Love xxx

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