Reclaiming your Power – Self-responsibility

10th April 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The message of standing in your power and being accountable, taking responsibility for yourself in all things, your words, your actions, your interactions and owing the part you may be playing in your experiences is strongly streaming through today. You have gained so much more awareness and are much more awake to yourself, how you work, how you react with old programming in certain situations, you are able to see through yourself as if watching yourself from above or outside of yourself. You are connecting with the little ah ha moments as you watch yourself play out old patterns and reactions. Whether you have been able to make changes or not quite yet or haven’t fully mastered them yet you are moving and shifting in a beautiful direction forward, holding the awareness of the changes you are wanting to make. You are more aware of what has been actually limiting you allowing you to see what is holding you back from stepping into your powerful light. All is leading you to reclaim your power, to step into the fullness of your power.

Some may be guided to take those steps or use the tools you have to bring healing and completion to something that has been out of alignment for quite some time now. This is all a part of the ‘clearing’ energies that are very much present and that were felt streaming in late last week. There is still the presence of deep transformational energies working through out relationships all to guide us to come back into our power or as with the message of responsibility today, to take responsibility for the part you are playing within situations or themes in your close relationships that are needing attention, that are not going so well. All is working towards deeper connections and balance that serves and honours all.

Much Love to all xxx

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