All is Well, All Serves in Magical Ways

25th November 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Just breathe, just breathe, keep taking moments in your day to stop, close your eyes, bring your focused awareness to reside within your heart space and just breathe. Soft slow deep breaths in and slow long deep breathes out, let it all go.

If little irritabilities and annoyances have been arising within you, you feel you don’t have the patience or are noticing others more reactionary, and you are feeling the energy of all of this moving within you, through you, the emotion moving (energy in motion) use the breath to shift it and centre yourself. Take time to do this for a minute or two to connect with the heart if you are feeling your own peace being rattled a little by the energies present. Do you best to keep out of the way of those that may not be handling this period all that well, hold love and compassion but also know you don’t have to get into it.

The physical body for many has felt deeply, deeply, to the bones fatigued as was spoken of yesterday and today you may feel a slight lifting of this but the tiredness, the general tiredness may still be present no matter how much sleep you try to get, this can also lead us to be a little more tender and not as tolerable of things as we normally would be, no mood for stupid. Try to take a moment before reaction before you allow your inner peace to be upset by another’s going ons’ or disrupt yourself further by entering into little spats with others because you feel frustrated. You can only do you, hold love and just breathe it will pass.

So much is moving within us as we are still integrating, understanding and working within all the information and ideas, learnings we have moved through. This feels connected to the eclipse period and what has arisen. So go gently dear hearts, again Spirit wishes to express that nothing is wrong your connection to your heart will assist you so keep returning to this space with the breath. Keep bringing the head into the heart so you can better direct all your words and actions from this space of presence.

Use the audio below, it can be returned to again and again. You will find the Enter the Heart Space Light Activation Code in ‘Files’ at the top of the Group Menu in the SoulLee Connected Facebook Private Group (you can join us to receive heart messages through the link on this website Home page at the bottom) that you can also use with the Audio and with your time in heart connection and breath work. Use the Code Connection Audio (contact me if you would like it emailed or find it in ‘Featured’ posts at the top of the Facebook Group to assist you to dive in deeply with this Code (and any other you may have from me).

With Love to all xxx