Opportunity & Clearing

9th November 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The message that comes in immediately is about the ‘opportunities’ present within change, within that which arises that we may feel rattled by or uncomfortable within, the example being the Full Moon that for many brought up what is still being let go of, worked within, so it can be brought into further acceptance, allowance, peace etc but the opportunity that is present within everything, that is present within the emotions, the thoughts that such energies bring up is a gift of opportunity for us to dive in deeper, to practice our mastery of peace, of love, of standing in our light and remaining out of judgment and holding a space of neutral being as best we can.

We are clearing so much in these constant intense energies present they have for many been really blasting through our physical bodies, when I say many we all feel them it is just your level of sensitivity, awareness and other factors that you experience them as you do, there is no wrong or right it just is, all is perfect. These energies have also been blasting through particularly being felt within the heart space, the throat centre and what is being shown as occurring is they are penetrating deep, so deeply within all the little nooks and crannies of our entre being where the shadow has remained hidden, its being rattled and excavated they call it so we have opportunity to transmute it.

So if you felt a little weird yesterday or also felt it ‘out there’ things felt a little weird, you felt it coming off others also, but at the same time you might have had patches of feeling back within yourself fully, aware of the waves as they came and went, the uncomfortableness as the light moves deeply within and penetrates the shadow and then the release the settling. See all as opportunity.

They speak again of self-worth and what is being penetrated deep within connects to not only your ‘stuff’ but that of the lineage so some old and very old stuff coming up around worthiness, feeling you hold a sense of value in the world. We see the solar plexus came up a few days ago and they show the solar plexus holding a bit here around self-worth and value. Know this can play out physically in ways. The body is flushing they say.

Clearing your field is important this week, call forth the violet flame to burn through all that is not of the Divine and above, see it burning up and through all. Saging also clearing your spaces, house, car etc so you are transmuting any fear based energies present. Clear your spaces as these energies have been stirring up a lot and we want to clear out and bring in the new. This feels to be done particularly if you can before the 11th. Go gently this week.

Much Love xxx

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