Lions Gate – Sacred Heart Opens

8th August 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Use the energies of this Lions Gate portal to open you to the Divine Self, to connect with your sacred heart. Make space today to allow even just five minutes to connect and tune in to the energies around you, allow them to awaken your DNA further to the magic that you already are. Allow what is ready to release, feel the light of the Divine within you, feel your heart expand and radiate, open your heart to receive the light codes pouring in.

Today’s energies are very supportive of creative endeavours so if you feel the desire to act and it is in alignment with your heart, not the push of the mind of human want, but of flow, then go for it. Believe in yourself.

All shifts are possible if you are actively open and receptive to change, no matter what energy day it is. All you are experiencing is working to bring you to a space of greater acceptance and love of self, the beauty that you are already. It is all within you, you are finding yourself again so you can bring love to all the parts of you, love all aspects of yourself. “You are Dear One coming home to yourself, awakening the Divine Light within”.

With Love xxx

** Those that registered interest in receiving a Power Code they started to flow through yesterday. I will be in touch. 💜 **

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(Image courtesy of Pinterest – Sirius)