Keep your Focus Ahead

26th April 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The past may be coming up for reflection what you may have held down for years if not decades and with this the emotions attached to some of these recollections can feel strongly present with you, just as real as the moment of occurrence. Know this is not for you to sink back into this is about honouring and acknowledging the past that occurred for you, which is also not disowning it or hiding it no matter how deep or dark it may be for some for what is being shown and what Spirit wants you to focus on is stepping into the future, forward motion. We are being propelled forth as the future self is calling you loudly.

Embrace and own your powerful light, the power you hold to create the future you desire and the you that you desire to be within it. You are opening, expanding and allowing greater freedom within as you are releasing and allowing the dropping away of that which you are now finally done with after so long of hanging on to it.

Keep your focus ahead you are making powerful steps in the right direction.

Much Love to all xxx

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