Heightened Energies

11th September 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

There is an emotional stirring being felt today, it may be felt from very deep within and it may rise to the surface, or just below it, enough that you be aware of it and feel it.

Another release occurring and its feel old, this is around really old aspects of the self we have held on to, and for some old trauma, as you are now more than willing to release and let go of this further, they did not and/or no longer serve you. Relationships with others, people from the past come up. As always please just allow yourself to feel and be within it but don’t go down the path of the mind telling you something’s wrong, or go back over the details of it all, it may feel like you have spun out but it is the emotion, the energy you are feeling as it moves and shifts through you.

If you get insight into anything around it, your dreams may reflect it just allow them. You don’t have to work it all out or try to this isn’t here to dive deeply into but allow it to shift. Do what you do today, find that space of joy. Using the Violet flame Code (scroll back to find or message me), sit within the centre of it and allow it to assist the shifting of this energy through you, if you are feeling it.

All is well. Some will be receiving some very clear insights over the next few days. The more you choose to let things go the more you open yourself up to connecting to and receiving the Souls wisdom this time. If you feel drained get outside and anchor to the Earth Mother, ground, walk, salt baths, all will help you to feel more centred and balanced. Remember when you feel the thoughts or emotions pulling you in a direct that is overly negative or old patterns of thinking, the past surfacing, consciously choose to help yourself and do something that brings you back to your heart. Switch to doing something that will bring in a shift in your vibration, shift into love. You do have the tools to do this, it is in your power. Make conscious choice.

Much Love xxx

May be an image of sky, twilight and nature
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