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2nd October 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Over the next few weeks ~ Your ability to keep bringing yourself back to centre, to the heart and a neutral space within your thoughts and emotions, keeping your eye on where you fall into a judgmental or overly critical mind especially of yourself or those closest to you, will serve you well at this time. Patience calls, trust calls. Balance is being highlighted so keep checking in with how you are ‘really’ feeling, how you are really travelling without trying to convince yourself you are okay or ignoring the subtle or not so subtle messages of the body’s communication. The body may be highlighting to you the adrenals, the nervous system. Balancing your DOing and Being at this time is also highlighted. It may feel wavy at times but trust in your ability to move and flow through anything. Again neutral space of flow as best you can.

Keep allowing yourself space and time to rest if you are needing it, feeling more tired than usual, make you a priority. Listen to what your body is intuitively asking for, are you drawn to a certain colour food, what centre (chakra) is this supporting? Keep releasing and stepping forwards as you leave the past well behind you.

Beautiful hearts find and focus on the beauty in your life with a grateful heart.

“I (your name) trust in my ability to navigate change with complete ease, grace and love, And so it is”.

As your feet touch the floor in the morning, hands over your heart space say – “I call upon the Divine Source of all there is (or your higher power) to draw and attract to me this day the people, places, situations, experiences and circumstances that will assist me for my highest and greatest good to be of service. Please assist me with unconditional love to bring my hearts intentions to form and creation for the highest good of all. I give gratitude and thanks for all I have and all I am to receive. I am open to fully receive abundance in all areas of my life. Thank you, Thank you Thank you, and it is so”.

With Love xxx

Image from Healing Energy Tools Facebook Page