Todays Messages with Love

17th March 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Within all keep pulling yourself back to remain conscious of what you are choosing, keep coming back to love, choosing love over fear, choosing love over reaction/projection, choosing love over trigger, frustration, anger, choosing love over and over again within shadow aspects of yourself or another that arise. We do get to choose in each moment and although being in this world with so much going on around us and in our own individual worlds is a lot at times to deal with, to feel, as the speed of everything (our time) can allow things to feel chaotic, the more we can come back to pause, take a breath to be present within the body we can be present within ourselves in that moment we are better able to take in all the information within and around us and make conscious serving choices. What path are you choosing, what are you about to create with your response, your thoughts, your actions? Allow the pause, the space for love to be reconnected with, love may mean walking away, love may mean allowing yourself to express your heart in that moment. Love may mean letting those built-up emptions flow freely.

Stay aware and open to all around you and all that you are invited to explore, to learn from, to choose love over. We are being propelled forwards at this time so take moments where you can within your day to pause, close your eyes, go within and feel where your body is holding tension, notice what is occurring within your body and consciously relax it, take the breath into any areas of tension or tightness and imagine, see, sense, feel the breathe opening, expanding and relaxing each point, allowing the light in. See the light flowing freely within and through each part of your body.

As we speak of the body they bring in to particularly notice if you are having any form of control or power struggles within your relationships and where you may be holding on to this within your body. How can you change or deepen your perspective of what is going on within these relationships, what is being shown to you and the other person that is ready to shift and resolve, find resolution within. You can only be responsible for yourself, and your part so just check in and get really honest with yourself and the part you play, no judgement, just observance of self to the running of any old conscious or subconscious programs, the old ways of approaching or reacting within your relationships? Is there a softer way to approach this or a different way you can choose to approach from, is it a pause and a non-reactionary space rather than operating from reactionary programmed behaviours, the need to be right, to be heard, seen and acknowledged that has deeper roots well before this relationship in your life? There will be for some deeper levels to explore within these relationships all to assist you to move forwards from old patterns and beliefs. For some you are seeing resolution and closure as your relationship takes on a beautiful expansion of love.

The more we are able to hold love for ourselves the more we are able to allow others to be, particularly those closest to us, we are better able to allow them to work within their triggers and shadow without feeling it is a direct attack or response to us, we can see it for what it is. It doesn’t mean condoning behaviour that isn’t right or is abusive but it means we can allow another to be, to hold a space of compassion without feeling drawn in to the emotional triggers and react from our own shadow. This is beautiful growth.

Much Love to all xxx

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