The Body

28th September 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Whilst yesterday may have had you feeling a need to slow down or a lack of energy or desire to do too much, tiredness, this also aligns with the energies of the Full Moon stirring, it was a big one for many, whether you were conscious of it or not does not matter, we feel what we feel regardless. We open to today to find the energy lifting us and calling us to follow up and take action, and as we come further into the week you may feel your motivation rise to do just that particularly around the guidance we have been receiving repeatedly lately. Whether for you this is in a health/body way, or clean and clear up around the house, work space, getting things in order, those little bits of guidance that you are aware of but haven’t fully acted on or at all yet may be surfacing. If you feel confused or clouded in the mind is your space clear or cluttered, what needs to be brought into order or completed that will assist this, what are you avoiding doing or seeing? If your body is bringing up soreness, aches and pains, stiffness, you feel overly lethargic have you been ignoring its wants and needs for too long? The physical body tends to be forgotten about so if you may be experiencing a revisiting of physical ailments listen as the body communicates it needs attention (of course seek professional advice if you feel to, checking in and getting reassurance that all is okay if your gut is guiding you, don’t ignore that). Little things go a long way it doesn’t have to be extreme for as you rise, heal and clear density and are able to hold higher frequencies of light within the physical body it also needs supporting for it is the vessel that allows you to be in physical form. When you ignore what has been calling you, what your guidance, Soul, higher guidance, body and intuition have all been giving to you for too long the imbalance becomes very present, it becomes physical in our worlds to try to get our attention to our/its needs. When we ignore the self, the heart, Soul we come to feel disconnected from not only ourselves but our lives, others.

Everything IS working for you; everything is arising for your highest good and to assist you to move forwards with love. Do you need to check in if those best laid plans and ideas have been let go of? Can you choose you and make progress in one area that you have been guided to? Can you made commitment to yourself and use the energies present to propel you to take the steps to do something for you that you have been putting off for too long, something for you that serves you? When we commit to reconnect with our bodies we commit to reconnect with ourselves, to see the beauty of what the physical vessel is as well as bringing greater health, flexibility/movement, nutrition, hydration. We can tend to forget the physical when we are on our spiritual journeys/paths, the body is a very important aspect as we are guided back to love, a part of loving the self is loving the body and this has been hard for so many. Whether feeling disconnected due to trauma, abuse, criticism, judgement, by another or the self. Is it well over due however to be the love you need, that you are seeking in your life? Commit to connect with the body and as you do your intuition, your senses, your energy, life force all rise, your spiritual practices will all be enhanced. For some the message is very clear, you have put it off long enough, are you ready to make small steps, consistent steps to improving your body/heart/mind connection?

With Love xxx

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The Earth Mother has also popped in, she reminds us she holds all that will nurture and support us. She gifts to us what we need to support ourselves on all levels. Use her gifts of nature, sea, sun, rocks, minerals, herbs and plants to support your being.

The next few weeks messages will likely not be every day as it is school holidays and my high school boy is home and my eldest has now finished his Uni degrees. So a slower pace is calling and my body also looks to have more time given to it.