9th July 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The stirrings of impatience may be rising up today the feeling you just want to get on with something but may not even connect with what that actually is, its an itching to burst out in some way. Be patient as these energies are stirring up much within and may have you feeling scattered or highlighting where you feel scattered and ungrounded, unsure or frustrated within yourself. Remember the energies outside of us don’t create what we feel but activate and trigger what we already hold within us, it brings it to the surface or to greater light for us.

This may be raising the frustrations you feel within your own world. Have a little feel into it is it patience that needs to be brought in here or is it highlighting your inaction to make change? You may feel frustrated with the lack of change or movement in your life not know where to put yourself, again all is okay, the answers are within you take the time to go within do your best to quiet the mind or if you are not one to be in stillness or meditation, quiet reflection write down what you are feeling as there is important information coming through your words, if not now you can reflect back on them in a few days with new eyes.

What pops in here is for some not all, you will know if it is for you as it will trigger you within, you will feel resistance as you read it or a want to ignore it, this is a sign that it is for you, sometimes we just don’t want to know about it. It is to be human right 😊. My fellow Aries will relate to this I’m sure lol. So the message is that you have been guided, you know what you haven’t acted on yet and its isn’t for any other reason that you are avoiding, procrastinating, overthinking it all. Can you commit to saying yes or taking that step, whatever it is? Trust yourself here, really trust yourself. Sometimes the messages are very direct but always, always delivered within absolute love and for your expansion.

Also a note that you may see this playing out in those closest to you, just be aware and understanding here that if any of their frustration is directed towards you it’s really their own frustrations stirring within themselves. Hold compassion and as best you can a non-reactionary and free of judgement heart.

Much Love xxx

Light Code – Sun Codes ~ In my power I stand, strong, peaceful and aware of all the aspects of mySELF. I AM. – SoulLee Connected (c) 2022.