Keep Choosing with your Newer Awarness

26th January 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The mental mind, the thoughts may be running away here and there throughout the day, your ‘vibe’ shifting throughout the day, know this is all normal and perfect as we are continuing to keep practicing what we have learned and keep bringing ourselves back to centre, recognising where we feel out of control, swept up within the goings on in our own lives or that of the collective, or both and regroup. See with greater depth our humanness in play and hold greater compassion and understanding for ourselves and others. We are actively practicing and working on bringing ourselves back to a state of neutrality and one of love, of peace. Recognising where we are allowing our personality, our mind to wander too far away from love, from within ourselves and making choice, actively choosing what we wish to sit within and how long we will allow ourselves to sit within that which we recognise as unhelpful.

You are actively choosing and recognising with much greater clarity, some of which is becoming so acutely accurately aware and awake now to where your choose your energy to be spent, whether it feels right, whether it serves love or fear, growth or restriction, expansion or stagnation. You are the light bulb that has grown in its brightness, sharpness and can see into yourself, you are becoming much more transparent as the higher you sees through human you and you are working closer together within your day.

Your ‘mood’ may change many times within the day, all is okay as you practice to keep making choice and bringing in that awareness of yourself, your emotions, your thoughts, your choices, you are no longer choosing to sit within that which doesn’t feel good for too long. You are choosing you, allowing your need to control everything or feel you have control over everything within and around your life, as you are more aware that allowing and relaxing into flow helps you in every way, opens you up and expands the Universes reach to you to bring to you that which is greater possible.

Much Love to all xxx

(Image ~ SoulLee Connected (c) 2022 ~ Cosmic Awareness)