Letting go of the Unnecessary

9th May 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

We are lovingly encouraged in each moment to step further into our power as we are guided to keep choosing to stay within the newness as much as possible, keep letting the past go, focus in your now for this is where you are creating from. All is working with you at the moment to enable you to come to resolution within situations where you haven’t yet been able to. Some of these situations particularly with others and within family have been niggling for some time, the hurts and resentments that have been held on to for quite a considerable time. If you feel the emotions arise up again, or come back into your thoughts, even be triggered by the person or situation know all is working for you not against you its not that you are going backwards but rather always forever forwards as you become more aware of what you are storing and holding on to.

Some of it may be held or kept in a loop due to stubbornness or the need to be right when in the scheme of things it really doesn’t matter, petty disagreements. Can you make conscious choice to move past it, put it to rest and release it or shift your perspective of it, see things from a higher perspective and perhaps you will be able to see clearly that the other/s involved are only able to react or acting from where they are at, with what they believe and know as their truth, it may not be yours but can you agree to disagree or let things go, or with hindsight see perhaps that aren’t really anything to do with you? It’s the little things that can be blown up into larger than they need to be situations that are ready to be dissolved in order to free you, freedom I calling for all that is not necessary to open you to make space for what is worth your time and attention that serves you moving forward.All is working for you to allow you to reconnect with your powerful self. Be honest with yourself about where you may be holding blame and/or resentment over how you feel another treated you, how you allowed yourself to be treated or even tricked by another. Time to consciously allow it to go, be done with holding it. Self-responsibility calls us into greater mastery.

The Otter comes forth with his little message to assist us within the energies of this week. To be flexible and release the want or need you may feel to resist, control whether a plan, outcome or person. Surrender your expectations of another, a situation, of yourself and allow yourself to move and shift within the natural flow of what wants to be, where the Universe and the Divine is guiding you. You may just be pleasantly surprised how things open up.

Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of Power Animal Oracle by Steven D farmer)