You are Luminous, Keep Dancing the Dance

3rd May 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

We are so very supported at this time of such intense Light we are receiving to raise ourselves higher, to continue to rise above. It is the time to put into practice all we already know and have learned about ourselves and bring it to walk with us in our day to day. Continue to be aware of where your emotions are, where they may be leading you down, what triggers you as there is so much wisdom and learning within each gift being given, each experience, each point of awareness to assist you to release and open, soften. Try to hold a sense of curiosity about it all, be open to learn from what triggers and activates you, what feels good and what doesn’t as you continue to release the old ways of being that have only served to take away from your peaceful state of beingness, be aware of the emotional (energy in motion) charge that you may feel and observe it. Your relationships may be your biggest teachers at this time, for they teach us so much about ourselves they hold up a mirror for us to see within our own being what needs to still be worked within and brought into greater love and acceptance.

Keep dancing the dance, the waves as they rise and fall, find your state of balance within, keep filling yourself up dear hearts, nourish nourish, nourish, and replenish, refill yourself. Give and gift to yourself what supports you, love yourself enough to not need to be the super-person that does it all, see the patterns and the ways of being that are not working, that can no longer be done that way. Where you continue to do for external validation, need to be seen as always coping and on top of things. You don’t have to be anything but what you are in that moment, give yourself a break let it go. Practice letting it all go.

We are within a time of such rapid expansion, and it may feel different for you from one day to the next, the Archangels want you to know all is well, all is truly well. Keep going dear hearts you are always where you need to be. Allow yourself to expand and open, soften, let go dear heart of what you try to keep that is more than ready to be set free, free yourself from within what has served to only block and dim, dumb down your powerful light for it is your greatness, your power, your luminescence that is your greatest fear for it is beyond your human comprehension the magnificence that you are, that you are of. It is your light that you Dear Ones are most afraid of, for many continue to judge yourselves as unworthy, inadequate. The glory of the Divine is within each of you, continue to liberate yourself from your fears and allow the manifestation of the Divine that you are to be seen. Fear not your opening, the cracking of the old versions of self, uncomfortable yes it may be at times but see it as the hard shell that has kept you from all that you are. Let the Light in Dear Hearts and radiate in your beauty.

With much love xxx

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