Love is at the core of ALL

2nd September 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Today some of you may be feeling as if you have been thrown into the washing machine, some within a heavy duty wash cycle and some a gentle wash. A sea of rising and mixed emotions, old stuff surfacing, the old stuff you yes yet again thought you had dealt with. BUT and there is a big but here, you ARE in a different place, you are not the same person, you have grown and healed, released and let go of so much. So these feelings can take you by surprise and make you feel a bit all over the place. What’s happening is you are trying to navigate your newly integrated way of being, thinking and doing, navigate your newly upgraded energetic more open hearted self, and walk within old emotions and experiences rising. So it feels different it is not the same as you are not the same, it can feel a weird place. It may make you feel you are not getting anywhere o going backwards. It is SO VERY IMPOR(TANT that you know this is not the case in any way shape or form. What is happening is you are being to practice navigating within your new self. If only you could see how much work you have done, don’t allow yourself to get sucked into mistruths.

Know you are so fully capable of being able to walk this, walk through this, it may not look pretty at times and it may bring up a bit of old gunky stuff, but you are SO CAPABLE of moving within and navigating the old with your higher perspective and gained awareness. And yes there is always the possibility that we slip back into old patterns, comforting mechanisms and old ways of thinking but with our knowledge and learning gained we are able to see this much quicker, to observe the self with greater awareness, to SEE with greater clarity so we can then make choice, conscious choice. It becomes easier to navigate as we have greater awareness of ourselves and what is actually going on, we don’t blindly allow ourselves to sink into it.

Keep dropping in to the role of the observer, recognise what is being presented, look at your thoughts, your emotions and see them for what they are, you have changed haven’t you, can you feel it, acknowledge it, give yourself a pat on the back or a big hug of love. You don’t respond or feel the same within these situations and emotions, this is your growth, your beautiful, powerful growth. Keep making choices that empower you, keep choosing you, you are so incredibly magical and ultimately you have the power. You are determined to move ahead, hands over your solar plexus and feel into your power, feel the strength that is forming within.

Much Love xxx

May be an image of nature and ocean