Walk your Walk with Courage, Power & Love

4th August 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Rising emotions may be feeling a little uncomfortable but they are very much needing to be connected with and not avoided. It is a fine balance that we further practice, that we are further mastering of not sinking into what arises that it brings it all back up but to find that sense of allowance, acceptance, peace and flow, trust, a space where you acknowledge what you feel without trying to judge it all, analyse it, control it or attach to any chaotic energies that may be present and look to what it is showing you. For example is it showing you what is yet unhealed, or you have further work to bring wounding’s into love, is it showing you where you still hold doubt, fear, mistrust in yourself? (bringing up the energies of lack). Is it showing you that you are avoiding, perhaps making choice to stay within an experience that may not be right for you but it is familiar so it has its own sense of security for you? (bringing up the energies of fear, resistance). Is it showing you that you aren’t perhaps prepared to own or see, acknowledge your own part in a situation, relationship, experience? (bringing up the energies of blame, avoidance)

Your emotions are incredible gifts that speak to you, what are yours communicating today? What are the tapes playing in your mind? Is your body crying out for rest or attention but you are pushing it out telling yourself you are too busy, overloaded with responsibilities?

Awareness to what is not within harmony whether it be showing up in your outer world, your emotions, your thoughts, your body, will help you greatly as we move within this expansive energy of growth and awakening, one that asks up to see and acknowledge ourselves and not to get too caught up within the triggers, the personality, the egos voice that says you aren’t worthy or capable. This is old stuff, old stories, see the truth, remember the truth of who you are, take action with courage and trust where you are guided especially if the insights and messages are repeating as your Higher Self is lovingly urging you onwards and to cut ties with the past. Feel into and call upon the support that is all around you, that is flowing through your life and proudly walk your walk with courage, power and love. Do you unashamedly, boldly in love.

Much Love xxx

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