You ARE Magic – Greater Self Mastery

3rd February 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

If you are feeling a ripple of uncertainty waver around you, particularly around all the things you may have assumed you would have got to or formed this year, all the great plans you had that don’t seem to have come to fruition (yet). Perhaps it’s how you assumed or wanted to be feeling at this time isn’t matching up with what you are, you just doesn’t feel within the right space to bring things to form or action things, whether it’s a feeling of fatigue, lacking the energy and the drive at present, all is okay. This may be rippling within around how you feel about your work/business dreams, your sense of feeling loved and secure within relationships, but particularly around the self and your goals and desires. For some this may be bringing up comparison, comparing yourself to another’s, say successes and achievements, lifestyle, or perhaps their overall ‘vibe’ or ability to flow within that which you feel you cant. The important thing to see here is what you are feeling and what you are being shown and admiring reflected in another is what you already hold within but haven’t yet fully connected to, or truly believed about yourself. It is showing you where there is a need to love yourself, where there is still learning to be had so you can come more into a space that accepts and loves you, all the parts of you, greater embodiment of unconditional self-love.

This is again about greater self-awareness, expanding on your self-mastery, catching yourself if you are allowing those little doubts and fears too much space, the self-criticism to rear its head. It is not to ignore or brush off and not give space to your feelings, all are important and all come with the gift of wisdom if we look at them honestly. It is about trying not to allow them to grow roots and expand to the point of paralysis. ALL IS ABOUT BRINGING IN LOVE, COMPASSION AND KINDNESS, UNDERSTANDING FOR YOURSELF, loving yourself and acknowledging that no matter where you are or what you may be feeling and experiencing YOU ARE and ALWAYS WILL BE the incredible, magical, powerful, loving being you were born, nothing changes that.

Bring in, invite and call in the frequency of love, see it as a pink and white light entering your crown directly from Source, coming into your heart space, breathe and expand it throughout your body, spend a few minutes with this, run it through every cell, every space of you. When finished see it fill your feet and toes and send it down to anchor you into the earth mother. This is all about you reclaiming the power you have to sense, control and shift your energy.

The one constant is change, nothing stays the same, unless you really allow it to. See all your emotions and thoughts as the powerful gifts of learning and growth they are, whether they are showing you what is still sitting within to be acknowledged and learned or showing you your magic and how much you have progressed and shifted. They go hand in hand, learning equals beautiful Soul growth.

You are magical, you were born magical, that never changes only your belief of it can.

Much Love xxx

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