The last day of 2021 – Let it go, welcome flow

31st December 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

This Code came through yesterday, feel free to use it as you step into 2022. Breathe in and receive its frequencies which came through as the words ~ Prosperity (worthiness), Growth (expansion) and Harmony (balance and peace). Use this Code freely with love.

What is coming through loud and clear is about letting go, doing what feels right for you not what you may feel is expected of you, what you feel society expects of you. This also comes through around any expectations that this last 2021 day/night may bring to you around making ‘resolutions’. If you are pushing yourself to come up with or commit to making New Year’s resolutions the advice is to ease up on yourself as setting intentions from a ‘must do/have to’ space, a head space not a heart space doesn’t have the right energy around it, just let it go and know that you can set intentions at any time, on any day when it feels right and you are fully heart connected, ready and committed to what you are setting.

Anything that arises today and in to tomorrow let all go, let all transmute as there is not a magic switch that clicks over when the new year enters, so however you find yourself feeling, allow all and keep letting it go with love. In saying that there is a lot that many are carrying that is actually ready to be released, releasing the old stories that are ready for you to acknowledge and give permission to yourself, your heart, your body to let go of, know it is safe to do so.

We are all at different spaces and places within the journey of our Soul so keep being kind to you, to others, acceptance and self-love have been huge themes for us this year and we are being called to take this and expand on it even further within the 2022 year. We are forming more aware, closer, deeper, more expanded intimate connections with ourselves, our true selves, our hearts and the hearts of others, and as a whole collective. Whatever this year has been to you allow love. Allow acceptance and know all has been beneficial, all is your abundance. Let the labels go, just allow all you have traversed through to be for all is behind you, connect with your now and create from there. Remember I spoke about perspective a while ago being everything in 2022 start now, notice where you go to label something as bad, whether person, situation, experience, emotion, and choose to see from your (souls) higher perspective, start to look for and be aware of the deeper meanings in all, the growth being offered, the gifts given within the experience, see and know all is truly your abundance. This creates huge shifts within your energy field and thus that which you attract to you and how you move in and within all in your reality.

Go gently with yourself today, enjoy, invite joy in to sit within your heart, allow peace, invite peace in to sit within your body, flow, smile and let go, open your heart wide to receive, let all the old stories go and choose in this moment to create anew from a space of empowerment, higher consciousness and love.Love to each of you, blessings and love to you as we enter 2022 together.

Lee xxx

SoulLee Connected (c) 2021