Allow & Open

22nd August 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

If you are feeling a little tender, soft and within your emotions today all is okay just allow it all to move through you, be present with it but know you don’t have to sink into it all. Be gentle to your body, gentle movements, stretching, walking, nature time, nurture yourself time. Be patient with yourself and just flow with it today.

Likewise if you are feeling a little irritated by others check in and see if the irritation actually has roots within lacking self-care and you time. Perhaps you feel taken for granted by those closest to you, not seen or heard, not ‘valued’. This can rise up with more ‘passion’ when we have neglected to care for ourselves for some period of time and have a good balance in our lives. Your solar plexus may be stirred up if it is what are you having trouble digesting? Is there imbalance, always best to address it before it comes spewing out attached to rage and resentment, it’s not good for anyone. Many of us are experiencing change within our relationships and this can be hard as we have well defined the ‘roles’ we play particularly in long relationships, the habits and routines that have been set for some time and they can be hard, for all, when they are asking for change to be made. The days of allowing others to walk over you are becoming hard to keep up with as the self calls you into handing back responsibility to those you have been carrying, for others to be accountable and responsible, to play their part. Time for many to own their stuff and you may come up against resistance as they have been all too used to you ‘doing’ for so long.

Beginnings continue to knock on our doors and in order to open to them, to be able to consciously connect with them something may have to come to an end, is it an end of neglecting yourself, not valuing yourself, making space for yourself to expand by dropping the old routines and habits that don’t serve you? Endings, decisions made to support you open doors within yourself and which then flow into your reality. The inner changes the outer.

Keep opening your heart to change, you have shifted so much and gained so much awareness this month. Keep moving forward.

With Much Love to All xxx

(Image courtesy of Pinterest)