Control or Flow?

19th September 2021 1 By SoulLee Connected

We are being guided to see where we may be still trying to control, trying to hold on to or direct the outcome of a situation, another person within a relationship, a plan, to be what we want, how we think it should be rather than how it is wanting to flow and appear naturally in our life. Are your choices and actions aligned with empowerment or are they unserving?

What story are you playing in your mind about your life, do you perceive it to be hard, a struggle, challenging and if so how are you making aligned choice towards improvement? Is it your mental thoughts that are dictating your life and keeping you in a space of negativity, sadness, lack?

If you are finding that the mind is or has been taking over this weekend is it about time to pull it back in? The first step is to acknowledge that it is not helping you, then you are able to make conscious choice to remind yourself that in fact ‘you are in charge’ and the creator of your story and you get to choose how you are allowing yourself to feel.

Can you sit with yourself within a neutral space and connect in to where you are being guided to make change, to choose, act, think, see different? Can you acknowledge the mind has had its time ruling the roost and make a conscious mental shift to more positive thoughts, more empowering thoughts that support positive steps in a direction of self-love?

Bring it back to the heart. If you thoughts have brought up the ‘old stuff’, the sensitivities have been activated, likely where you feel disrespected, isolated, unseen, unheard, unloved, know that the full moon (tomorrow) energies may be triggering and heightening this within you. The best way is out of the head and into the heart, do what you can to shift your focus as a lot of this is really old and you don’t need to submerge yourself within it again, move through it as best you can without allowing yourself to sink in it or the mouth to engage before the heart has time to pull you back.

Much Love xxx

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