Expand your Ideas & Be Flexible

29th November 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Pay attention to your dreams and visions the Lizard brings us today but Spirit expands on this and with almost a little humour at the word ‘expands’ as we connect with yesterday’s message. Your dreams and visions may not look exactly as you envisaged them to, even the best planned out ideas may not take the shape or form, timing that you in your mind expected, thought or hoped they would. This is connected to us as the human be are being limited in our thinking and our ability to see beyond whereas Source knows All, is limitless. So remember just because something that you wished for, set intention to or have been planning isn’t seemingly coming about or falling into place exactly as you would have liked or as quickly welcome the idea that it may well be delivered to you in another form and you may well be missing the little signs as you are so focused on ‘how you feel it’s going to be’. Business, relationship, your fitness/health goals no matter what it is. Allow Source to bring about the best and most serving way for it to be for you by being expansive, open, and flexible, this is trust. Yes sometimes this comes in the form of what we feel are mistakes but they are a gift that gives us information so next time we hopefully take that wisdom gained and use it for our highest good and greater outcome. The magic is in the learning and openness to be guided a different way if that is to be, all serves.

As within the message yesterday of expansiveness allowing your mind to move past your currently held possibilities and ideas for yourself and your life, expanding and stretching what you feel you are capable of and what you know yourself to be, being expansive and open to all possibilities, all that comes your way that arises through the inner being and/or within your outer experiences. All is well.

Be open to what you are receiving within the dream state and daydreams, those little pop ins and intuitive messages received when the mind is free and not focused within busyness.

Much Love xxx

(Card image courtesy of Power Animal Oracle by Steven D Farmer)