Gratitude & Magic

10th August 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Finding space to sink into gratitude for all you have, all you have experienced, the good and the not so pleasant as all has served you, yes the human can struggle with this knowing, but Soul knows all has served to bring you closer to love, who you are beneath. Gratitude for all of the journey, for the unseen and seen support, for the courage and determination you have shown to yourself, that you have been inspired with from others as you have stepping forth when it has been hard, uncomfortable and joyfully magical.

Gratitude for all, hands over your heart and feel yourself present, in presence with everything, all things, feel your connection with every atom, every space, every cell of your body, every living creature, feel your Oneness and hold gratitude and love for all that you are and are of. This space will assist you to propel forwards and to start to, or further step into what you are creating, what you have planted and what you are seeing come to fruition in your reality. Keep planting the seeds, setting your heart intentions. Don’t be afraid to dream, to think beyond what your human mind feels out of reach or impossible, open yourself to think anew to allow a limitless mindset, be expansive, be free. You make a difference in this world, your light, your heart, you matter greatly beautiful Light. What you are still wishing yourself to be, to feel, to have, its already within you, its already here.

Are you ready to make the necessary moves to bring about the changes within situations you have been holding in your heart and mind for some time? It’s never too late, it’s never hopeless. We are being gifted some truly magical energies to assist us to move forwards with a renewed sense of trust. Bring that magic from within your heart forth into your world to be seen, to be felt for we are indeed moving through and working further within all our feelings of limitation, lack, doubt. It is getting easier to move through as we are more than ready for this, ready to step into the next level of being.

Trust that you will receive and be shown exactly what you need when you need to and be aware of what you need to be all in right timing. Trust this, trust the process. Allow any frustrations that still linger within your heart and mind around your ability to move forward, to change, to create, hand them all over to the Universe. Along with all the stories that are attached to them, hand them all over. Announce that you are letting go of it all and surrendering to (your) divine will. Trust the higher purpose that is unfolding in your life. Look through what is in front of you that the human eyes see and open to see the magic that is very really present in all.

Much Love to all xxx

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