You are Worthy – Celebrate the Journey

30th March 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

You are worthy, you are worthy of love worthy of a mutually supportive and loving relationship, worthy of abundance, worthy of your dreams. The energies present are really supporting us to know our worth, to know not just think it in our mind but deeply believe it within the core of our being. We consciously and unconsciously hold back from allowing ourselves love, ourselves opportunity, allowing ourselves to dream bigger and brighter for our lives. Whether it has been past experiences and relationships that have crushed our sense of self, our hope, experiences and traumas that have piled one on top of the other throughout our life/lifetimes we come to a point in our journey when we wake up to the truth that we are not our past, our experiences, our or others stories and beliefs and we then set forth to break the cycles. Most times we find we are then presented with the very situations that we are working on moving through in some form so we can put into practice all we have learned giving us opportunity to stand in our powerful light, our ‘worthiness’ and choose better, choose different, CHOOSE SELF because you believe you ARE worthy.

The Divines message to all today is acknowledging everything you are working within, that you have worked to move through, the journey in all its entirety is witnessed, you are witnessed, you are seen, you are heard, you are supported as you travel through the good, the perceived bad, the ugly. Keep moving forwards keep practicing and making choice within the pause to hold that initial reaction, that projection from emotion built up and present and see what is occurring, what is yours, what is trigger, what is another’s shadow, what is your own. You are doing the work in every moment; you are propelling forwards especially when you don’t feel you are you are always moving.

Be particularly aware of when you are being distracted from your path, either by situation, another, or yourself your fears and doubts. Be present, feel and welcome all within each moment no matter what it feels like for being present is how you connect with all the information, wisdom, insight that is around and within you that the experience presents. Take a breath and let it go when you feel the emotion in any form rise, whether anger, frustration, hurt, take a breath and slowly exhale come back to centre, release the charge so you can choose from a space of presence and power.

Remember your journey is unique you cannot truly compare yourself to another the progress forwards you have made within your own Soul journey is phenomenal. You are choosing to change patterns of not only this lifetime but past lifetimes (bear with me depending on your beliefs) this is big work, Soul learnings/lessons this is what you have been travelled for the last few years and if you could only really know the incredible progress and clearing you have made within this time, see it as through the eyes of the Divine, of those that surround you in the higher realms you would be so very proud of yourself. Hand on your heart give yourself some love, feel the love rise up, let the tears flow, feel the love present for you always for your heart is the connection to All, to the Divine Heart. You are never alone, we are One.

March has been a big month, big energies moving through to propel change, the change that is constantly in motion so if you feel a little tired or in need of a little time out to just take a breath, to just ‘BE’ find space to do so to support and give to yourself. You are going to start to see the rewards of all you have been working towards.

With so much love xxx

(Light Code – Golden Light through the Divine Heart, know you are supported, remember who you are. SoulLee Connected (c) 2023)