Todays Message with Love

18th October 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Most of us have been consciously aware of the need to slow down this year, all so we can come back within and have the space to look at what is and isn’t working for us. What we continue to hold onto, the ways of being that are now outdated to who we are, that no longer align as we have evolved and expanded. We have been guided to look at how we are operating within our day, is there conscious awareness to our actions, thoughts and words, or are we playing unconsciously within routines, patterns and habits? Some of us still persist and continue to rush, push, and try to control things occurring within our lives, situations, outcomes, others, ourselves, andk we have found that this can no longer be ignored and has very much been pushed front and centre for us to consider, again. To make the changes needed that serve you better, that serve a more heart centred approach to all you do.

If you have been making changes where needed to serve yourself, if you have been listening and following your heart more over your mental mind chatter you may feel over this week your efforts all coming to fruition, and you may notice you feel in a space that feels lighter, a lighter sense of self, it may feel a veil has been lifted, a load taken from you. Many may feel more aware of themselves, actually be aware of and feel the shift in consciousness that has occurred.

Be open to receive, be open and receptive, flow and allow yourself to connect with and receive the new information streaming through to you. A great time to sit in stillness, slow it right down and take time to tune in to yourself, go within. At the same time Spirit asks you to know it is more than okay if you are also shown where there is still the attachment to the old stories, if you notice the little triggers and niggles rise within you emotionally. As always seen the as the gift they are, allow them to communicate with you so you can move through them with ease and grace.

Communication may be a big one this week, you may find that it comes up especially around expressing your truth, standing in your truth in love and honouring your needs, wants and desires, again all for opening you up to greater self-love. Brining practice for you to be able to express through love what your needs are and sink into holding those newly reinforced boundaries as you step up further in your knowing of your worth, value and place in the world.

Much Love xxx

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