Stepping through the 6/6 Portal Energies

7th June 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

As we move through the 6/6 portal you may find old emotions that are attached to experiences and wounding’s you thought you had dealt with, forgiven or healing coming up again. Be kind to yourself, hold compassion as it feels there is so much clearing occurring at this time. This is very much connected to our close relationships and interactions with others that have hurt us, that we have felt rejection, unworthiness, loss around regardless of who or what, why this was brought about as an experience for us. We are opening up deeper layers ready for healing and what is being exposed may not all be from within this lifetimes experience, past, ancestral and other may all be in the mix.

Some will navigate this with greater ease than others, and of course all depending on what you have already worked through, to what degree and what experiences you are currently working within in this lifetime. All is well no matter how it looks, remember you are moving forward, focus on bringing yourself back into your heart to be present and not connected to that which is outside of you. Get out and walk, stretch, move in some form, it doesn’t have to be at a huge pace to assist all to move within the physical body, this also helps the mental and emotional body, the nervous system. Get some sunshine on your face if you are able to.

The connection has now been made as to why there was so much swirling around collectively yesterday along with the message of stepping back from anything that could add to you emotionally such as news, world stories, those deeply connected within their own drama or the shadow self at this time and may be projecting this all over the place as they are not aware of what is occurring for them. Again hold compassion. Be aware of where and with what, whom you are connecting your energy to.

With Love xx

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