Where & What are you engaged within?

19th April 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Being really aware of what you are interacting with/within where your thoughts, emotions, feelings and energy is being directed, what it is engaged with/within at this time. Where may we perhaps be allowing more thought and thus emotion to be given to things that are not serving us, are not aligned with our highest and greatest good, are not helping us in any way but to bring our ‘vibe’ down and connect to old wounds and stories. Yes the stories are important to pay attention to as they give you insight into beliefs, energies that you may be holding that are not serving, for example victimhood, blame, shame, guilt, worthiness. There it is again ‘worthiness’ this is a big one at the moment, being reflected to us through our relationships with others. See where you don’t feel or believe you are worthy, deserving. Whether it be friendship, love, success to name a few.

Detach from the old, be aware of those old thoughts, those ones that cycle through your mind on repeat, see the themes within and so where you are still to bring into love the aspects of you attached. What triggers you is the unhealed, the shadow that wants to be brought into love, to acceptance. There has never been anything wrong with you, nothing has needed fixing, but you are able to let go of anything that blocks your flow of love, to give and receive love, your pure connection with yourself, with Source with All.

Remember the pause before taking action from the triggered or shadow aspect that may have arisen. Take a breath and chose to respond, stay silent, walk away, choose to act from the higher self perspective and wisdom. You can do it, you have been working hard at this and are really grasping the knowing that you do ultimately have control and are the creator of you world, at least you can control how you choose to react and thus what you are ultimately creating with.

Be mindful of the triggers that may arise at present, clear your field, clear your energy, awareness of what is yours and what has been connected to from another that you may be carrying. Sit with the Violet Flame Code, see yourself within its centre, feel the waves of light it holds open for you moving, sweeping clear every space and fibre of your being, dissolving, transmuting and filling with love. This is freely available to members of the SoulLee Connected Heart Channelled Guidance Group in the ‘Files’ Menu to download and print along with its wording if you feel drawn to use this also. Click the Link on the Home Page of this website at the bottom of the page to join.

With absolute Love, Lee xxx

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