You are always moving forward in Love

15th December 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

“You are always moving forward Dear One, even when you feel that you are not, there is no such thing as backwards although your path may seem to go up and down, inward, or outward. All that you feel you are revisiting within your life at this time is so you can come into deeper understanding. Go forth with compassion. You are within completion of a cycle within your life and each cycle is an important steppingstone that expands you into the next. The wisdom of your Soul is always in communication with you, keep opening to it by cultivating peace within, finding space to be present in still connection with your heart.”

What will assist at this time is to try to slow it all down (yes this came through yesterday or the day before also) so when you are making a decision to act, to engage with another, to make commitment to something or someone, that you are really present within yourself when doing so, grounded, and anchored within your body. We assist this by taking a simple pause and bringing focus to the heart space and taking a deep breath or a few deep breathes into this space, so we come back in to ourselves. Otherwise we can unconsciously be scattered all over the place mentally and energetically and actually not be completely present within the body, you can be slightly out of body you aren’t connected to yourself, this is also where we are more susceptible to picking up and taking on others’ emotions and energies. For from this grounded space we are able to ‘feel’ the energy of what is being presented, we feel more connected with our knowing of what ‘feels’ right and aligned for us what is truly serving and what doesn’t feel so good. We receive constant messages through the body, the heart, the intuition, Soul, Source.

This pause assists to not make a reactionary response to say yes as a part of an old pattern of needing to please others for example. It allows a moment to then say you will let them know, or need to just double check that days plans, give yourself space to allow your ‘feelings’ to be acknowledge before you jump in to something you don’t want to do or that then builds resentment towards another or yourself for finding yourself back within something you didn’t want to choose again. This is not about not helping others for that is one of the most beautiful gifts of love and connection but rather it is speaking of those situations where it can be a pattern you have been playing out for lifetimes of over giving, over doing, over extending yourself, whether to feel loved, worthy or valued.

Much Love to all xxx