Sun 3/11/19 – Self Responsibility

3rd November 2019 0 By SoulLee Connected

The theme of self-responsibility has been coming through strongly the last few days. It is a time to pay attention to where you leak your energy. Where do you give your energy away? Where do you say yes when you mean no, where do you not honour you, placing yourself in situations you don’t want to be, interacting with people you don’t wish to be involved with?

The call to really honour ourselves, to make sure we respect and uphold both our energetic and the physical bodies together to allow us to exist and shift more smoothly through energetic blasts.

Step up into your power to really honour your whole being, love yourself and treat yourself with the respect you so deserve, trust that you can make the right choices for you. To honour your heart and your intuitive nudges. Before each action, reaction, ask yourself, check in with yourself, does this sit in alignment with my truth, within my heart? It is in doing this that we master our environment and make the right choices for ourselves.

You are a sovereign being of Light and you have choice to stand in your Light, to stand in your Power, to choose how you react and respond. Time for deeper awakening to the responsibility of self. The road to self-mastery.