7th April 2022 1 By SoulLee Connected

The cards called strongly today as there was a message that Spirit was really wanting to express. Your ability to connect or even be aware of the beauty and blessings already present within your life, being able to see and feel with gratitude and love what you already have may feel blocked in a way or it feels a faraway thing, and what is occurring here is a disconnect from the self.

I asked for a card for further information and we have been given three, Balance, Four Bodies, and Self Love all telling clearly a very strong story of self-love, looking after yourself and not forsaking your needs in the busyness of your life. Being present within the body means you are aware of yourself, aware of your needs, aware of the body’s communication of its wants and needs so you are functioning as best as you can. It’s one thing however to be aware but another to actually act on it, if you forsake the body too long it will start to force you to act by symptoms of dis-ease rearing.

When you are present within yourself and giving freely and lovingly to yourself you are able to hold the awareness to what you have, the blessings that surround you are able to be seen and felt within the heart as you are operating from a space of joy not lack. It is the lack of presence due to rushing, overload, ignoring the self’s needs and getting lost in the responsibilities of life without dedicating some time, for some this has been zero time for too long, to stop, breathe, pause, reflect. To literally come to a stop and feel how you are, witness what is going on within you, where your mind is at, your heart instead of shoving yourself through it all. If you feel you are not coping, too pushed and pulled in all directions it is the act of coming back to yourself, giving time to yourself, nurturing the self, putting your needs first for once that actually helps you cope better. Slow it down, give to yourself so you are then better able to be the best you you can be and a happier you for those you care for, be an example to others. When you see yourself as the beauty you are which is worthy of care and love you open up to the love and beauty the blessings that are present all around you, it comes from within, within opens you to the outer beauty that can be blinded from you in disconnection from the self. Feeling out of balance is the call for you to come back to yourself, to reconnect with yourself. Come back within, give to yourself and the blinders come off to the blessings and abundance you already hold. Start making the changes you need to be the best you you can be, for you, do it for you no one else. All is within you.

• It is becoming even more important that you adopt greater self-care and awareness to the energetic and physical bodies health as we are all within such times of change and transformation. All the clearing out and letting go of the old is making space within so you are able to hold and anchor greater levels of higher frequency light within your being. The physical body needs to be cared for so it is able to adjust to and integrate this with greater ease, remember the physical vessel houses your light body.

Much Love to all, have a beautiful day, go forth and share your smile, your love your light with the world. You are the blessing. xxx

Card Images courtesy of Sacred Destiny (Blessings) by Denise Linn & The Little Sage Oracle by Helen Jacobs