Self Love

16th December 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

The message of self-love that flowed through yesterday is also very much present with us today. As you step purposefully forward and choose to create and act from within the newer, wiser self, aware that the Soul is leading you, the heart guiding you, you may be feeling this shift amplified, this connection with your Soul self, the Divine self feels more ‘within’ your body. As if a closer merging and awareness of such has taken place. For many this may bring in a renewed sense of wanting to look after the self, a reinforced sense of determination to keep up with the new practices you have brought in for yourself or be feeling the changes that this greater service to the self brings with it. Many of you are feeling really connected, strong and very much standing tall in your power, your sovereignty.

For some, some of the changes you have made are really starting to click in as they become a part of you not something that you have to consciously ‘work’ at so much, keep going. For those just starting to connect to the guidance, realising that care of the self, the self-love that is and has been calling you you are ready to start making commitment to it. The light rising and with it it brings in a needed little boost, a renewed sense of not just ‘I can do this’ but ‘I deserve this for me’, ‘I want this for myself’. You could just stay where you are yes this is true but you feel the calling of your Soul to step up and take care of you, to make that start, it is time. There is a huge amount of joy felt around all of this that comes through as Spirit wants nothing more than for each of us to connect to love, the love of self before anything else.

Self-worth, not just thinking it but knowing, truly knowing your value has been at the heart of much work this year. All leading us back to ourselves, back to that which we are inherently are, our true essence which is love. Keep creating the direction you wish to move within. Look after the physical body in the little ways it is guiding you to. The body may give you very distinct messages when you find yourself reaching for or walking within the old patterns, the old ways.You are here to forge a new way ahead for yourself. Remember what another does, says or thinks is for them, you do you. You don’t have to prove or argue your point of view or your whys. Radiate love and stand tall in your light.

Much Love xxx

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