Venusian Activation Codes


These Codes have been brought through in co-creation with a group of 5 Venusian Light Beings. Their purpose is to serve humanity in love and for the benefit and expansion of all Earth’s creatures. Venusian’s are closely connected to humans, and all the Earth creatures. They come with kindness and compassion for all and to assist us to raise our consciousness and thus that of our planet Earth.

‘Bringing In Light’ ~ Venusian 5 Series

A powerful series of vibrationally encoded activation’s. Bringing forth and inviting connection with the highest frequencies of Light to assist rapid transformation and growth.

CODE 1 ~ Stepping into your Soul Light

Bringing you into a deeper state of awareness, a deeper awareness of all the parts that make up the self on a vibrationary level. Your Self as a whole being and your own unique frequency signature.

CODE 2 ~ Light of the Divine Self

Connection with the Divine Self, the Higher Self, the Divine essence of your being and the source of all Light and life within you. The omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. Bringing in the light that is you that is the eternal, infinite being of love and wisdom.

CODE 3 ~ Expanding into Higher Light

This Code will allow you to step up and into a space of higher consciousness bringing in higher Light.

CODE 4 ~ Christ Light, Connection to Oneness

This is a very high frequency space and may for some not feel a comfortable space to be yet. Trust what you receive and when you feel right to sit with this Code. It is direct connection with the Christ consciousness and Divine Light. It is All, it is Oneness.

CODE 5 ~ Grounding and Embodiment

This last Code of the series is the most important as it is assisting the integration of the higher realms of Light you have connected with and is bringing back and grounding into the physical and energetic light body what higher frequencies will serve you.

How to work with these CodesEach Code is designed to be worked with in numerical Code order, e.g. starting with Code 1 and working through at your own pace to Code 5.

It is not necessary to sit with all the Codes in a sitting. You may choose to sit with 1 and 2 in one sitting, or more. It is totally up to you, and you are advised to listen and be guided by your body and intuition as to how many you use at a time and how long you sit with each one.

Please note Code 5, the Grounding and Embodiment Code, is to be used at the end EACH time you use these Codes. Even if you only use Codes 1 and 2, Code 5 is to be used when you finish, whether you use all Codes in one sitting or not. The reason for this is Code 5 is the one that will assist with the grounding into the physical body and Earth the frequencies you have brought through to you. If you skip this ending Code and are not grounded, especially after bringing through such pure high frequency Light, it can leave you with a feeling of not being in the body, spacey, light headed or other symptoms. Please do not underestimate the importance of sitting with this Code.

Your experience with these Codes over time will be unique to you. It may be a good idea to write down what comes to you or take note of any chances that you experience within yourself in the days after working with the Codes each time. This process will speed things up for you and you may find things come into your awareness and are brought forth for you to work through. Take note of all, the wonderful and the uncomfortable, the triggers, outdated patterns, recurring situations and experiences, what is being highlighted for you. For they present as an invitation for you to delve deeper into the shadow. To significantly shift you to move you towards your highest.

Support ~ If at any time during your working with these Series of Codes you need support, guidance, or just have a question please feel free to message or email me. I am here to support you as you journey through this process.

What do you receive? ~ See individual purchase options below which advise what is included in either option of Digital format or Digital format AND Physical Laminated Copies – including express postage

Code 4


DIGITAL PURCHASE ONLY ~ You receive all 5 Venusian Light Codes, information booklet and an Audio for setting a safe and supportive space to connect with the Light held open for you within these Codes, emailed to you after purchase.


Code 3


DIGITAL & LAMINATED COPIES ~ You receive all 5 Venusian Light Codes, information booklet and an Audio for setting a safe and supportive space to connect with the Light held open for you within these Codes, emailed to you after purchase AND you will receive via Australia Post Express a laminated A4 (21 x 29.7cms) copy of each Light Code, perfect for placing framed or unframed on the wall of your sacred space or room as well as a laminated palm size copy of each Code, perfect for meditation or placing on the third-eye or crown. The Information is also laminated for you.