For Those that need to hear this ~ but we all need reminding at times

8th February 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

The journey to live more within the heart space, to open to existing within higher levels of Light and love is not one that feels easy at times, but this is because to open to live and be more from the heart space means all that is within that needs to be cleared that cannot be within this higher vibration will come up for your attention, your learning, your allowance and surrender, your letting go. We have all been moving towards this, a space, a world that is connected to the heart more than the ego, the mind. To live as One and come together in love, to end the illusion of separation from ourselves, from each other, from Source.

Don’t lose faith in those moments that feel hard or when you feel that things are being overly difficult for you in your life, whether irritation or despair, what is occurring is anything that is not in alignment with your heart, that is misaligned is being seen, feel, heard, whether as projected in your outer experiences or felt within your physical body, emotions. There is so much shifting within and on the smallest microscopic of levels. We have asked for this, we have asked to live a life more aligned in joy, in love, in our Light and we ARE experiencing this but at times remember that when you feel things are hard that what is not aligned with this in your life comes up so you can make change, choose to do different, choose to let go, choose to turn left instead of right, choose YOU in love. To actively put into practice within your day how you want to live, what you want to invite into your life, what you want to continue to have in your life and of course from each thought, action, word and choice you create your pathway, you steer your ship. Sometimes to steer to the land we want we have to go through the choppy seas to get there.

Remember that when we ask for something and we have actively been working to create in our lives that you may find things crumbling, doors closing and you can be led to believe nothing is going in the direction you want. This is where the Angels, our Higher Self, the Archangels remind us they are there, invite them in, ask, ask, ask, for they ask you to hold faith for what you have asked for, trust it IS being created but that which is not aligned has to shift, change and drop away in order for that to occur, for the old cannot sit alongside the new. You are not going backwards you are witnessing a new world create and it can feel like a washing machine inside of your physical body also as what is releasing and coming away, detaching from your cells occurs. Sometime the human us, the personality, the ego can feel panic and try to hold on and keep what it feels safe within. Courage dear heart for this is where you choose to keep moving forwards in trust. Deep breath and hold your vision high, connect to your light within and shine brightly as best you can for you are witnessing the creation of the new, the new that aligns within higher levels of love, light and joy. Take a deep breath in and remember you’ve got this, keep reminding yourself you don’t want to go backwards to the old ways for the new openings may feel scary or unstable but of course they do as they are still forming, old structures coming away, new foundations being laid ready to build the new upon.

REMEMBER your power to create and know that you called it all in for yourself. Trust the process dear hearts as you evolve and blossom. Look for the gifts and you find the gifts in all, focus on destruction and you will be shown destruction in all. Change is constant and you have chosen to be here at this time to hold a higher frequency of Light on this planet to be a part of this incredible time in human evolution. How magical are you? Remember you are not what you believe yourself to be you are so far beyond glorious, limitless, expansive you are simply indescribable!

Much Love xxx

The Third Eye Chakra Code called to be shown to you all today. Sink into your intuitive knowing, trust what you receive for you are being guided and supported through all. Connect with the innate wisdom within you. – Chakra Codes coming Soon. Do not download, copy or share in any form until purchase made. (c) SoulLee Connected 2022-2023