Observe and Allow

8th December 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Be the observer of what is coming in to you over the next few days as ideas may be forming more connections, becoming more solid within your being, in feeling and thought/awareness. Allow them to ripen, remember you don’t have to jump to it and react to everything as soon as you receive it, there is more information to come that will help guide you, so you understand and grasp what is being given/shown to you in deeper ways here. You may feel ready, be eager to get up and go, to desire to create or act but just be mindful that this is connected in part to the message around ‘impatience’ that came through yesterday. It’s absolutely okay to want to get things done and to feel excited about things and want to act on them but jumping ahead of time just to be ‘doing something’ may leave you feeling you are flapping around in too much of the unknown very quickly and this will soon create confusion and possibly bring up old thoughts around your capability. Taking the leap is courageous yes but there is also taking the leap too early, acting on the minds urges, the ego and the personalities wants and not acting from the heart and your intuitive knowing/guidance. Patience, just sink into all you are receiving at present, soak it in, allow it to marinate and grow, to show you as it builds on itself. Observe the sense of impatience if it does arise.

The majority of us are still within the space that we are letting go and acting on things that are being show to us to be out of alignment with where we have arrived at now. We are being given the opportunities to transcend our past, to really get it so we can make the shifts necessary, whether they are mental shifts, inner work or outer physical shifts. Our experiences are illuminating where we still hold beliefs formed from our past experiences. The unconscious affects our future growth so if you are in a space of working through these experiences no matter how it is feeling at present, know that you are doing the work, you are actively bettering and empowering yourself. You are not going backward you are not stuck, keep going dearest hearts. It can feel mucky in the middle of it but keep taking steps that walk you forwards, walk you through it, eyes focused ahead not behind, listen to what you need and be compassionate for yourself. This may be a new thing for you, to show yourself love and softness and this is a huge part of our Soul learnings this year, the SELF, self-care self-love, self-respect. Feeling powerfully okay and comfortable to stand in your powerful truth and allowing more of the authentic self to shine. We are learning to not only open to more of the self, greater love, but to be comfortable within our self and our newer forming self-expression.

Much Love xxx

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