5th April 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

You ARE a beautiful, magical, spectacular being of light, a limitless and infinite Divine creation. Know this, feel this, embody and fully embrace this through every fibre of your being, every cell, every space. No matter what comes, no matter what you feel you are within, no matter how immersive it may feel at times in this human body experience, no matter what sits within you now that may seek to separate and distract you from this truth. You are NEVER less than. You are everything and everything is you, you are star dust, you are Light, you are so infinitely powerful it is blinding. This is your reminder to keep expanding this truth within until it is never doubted or feared for it is who you are divine Soul.Trust yourself, trust your pathway, trust all that is unfolding for you, all that is creating now for you.

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