5th August 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

As has been coming in for a few weeks now we are again reminded of the importance of just Being, being present with yourself in the moment. For this is the space that you are going to best travel whatever you are within at this time. Pull it all back in to yourself and just breathe if the mind is running off on you and it is creating emotional reactions within your body that amplify things to feel bigger, more complicated or erratic than they actually are. Again what is yours and what is not to attach to? Ask “Is this mine?” You can only do you, you now in this moment for this is where you are ‘present’ where your presence is. Keep coming back to centre back to the heart space, to the light within.

It can feel really hard to feel it all, all of what may be coming up within as well as what may be being stirred up around you that you are witnessing others experience, particularly those closest to you. This is where being able to be in the moment, keep bringing yourself back to just BE, back to centre helps otherwise you can get led down the pathway of old habits and programming trying to work it all out, fix things for others, feel you have to deal with and sort everything out now which tends to overload your systems. Again what is your responsibility and what is not? Let others experience what they need to, hold space and love without interference or feeling the need to make it all better for them, this is the kindest thing you can do for otherwise if you fix it all they don’t gain the wisdom and learning from the experience and it will just come around again for them.

Come back to just BEing who you are, rather than DOing who you are. If you have been over active in doingness you may find your guidance is calling you back to centre to listen, make space and time to listen. Remember your true worthiness is not tied to what you do or create. The Divine Feminine comes through to guide us to bring in greater balance to our bodies by coming back within, to stillness, receiving, nurturing and listening. All working to bring greater peace and flow to what you are travelling through. From this space of presence things don’t tend to feel or seem as big as what the mind may have created it helps you to feel more in control and able (which you always are).

Remember nothing is wrong feeling it all can be very uncomfortable so be kind to yourself no matter what you are navigating and working through, it will change, it will shift and this will move quicker as you are not resisting or avoiding it, this takes courage which you have in abundance beautiful heart.

Much Love xxx

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