Go Gently

8th November 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

If you are feeling a need to, or receiving the call to go within, maybe feeling a little soft today sink into those practices that help you, connect in with yourself, meditate, be within the beauty of the earth, nature, be and do gently. Engage within things that feel good to you and that serve your physical body and bring a sense of peace and calm to your mind. A beautiful sweeping feminine energy arrives today which may have you needing to go gently so listen to your guidance and honour what you need as best you can within your ‘have to do’s’ today.We are in the midst of some truly powerful times, powerful energies and massive collective awakening. Allow any old stories and memories that may rise up to be let go of, as came in a few days ago this doesn’t come for you to sink back into them again, to revisit or get tied within the emotions of them again, they come to show you that they are ready to leave, to be released so this is where you are asked to bring in your love, allowance and wisdom to allow them a smooth (as possible) transition through you.

A day to just flow gently, the physical body is doing its best to integrate the higher levels of light it is receiving, help yourself with this by being more within flow and less within resistance. Keep walking towards what is forming for you, what you are creating, being present so you are more conscious of what you are creating as your future now. Stepping forward present within the heart, focused and aware within the mind, neutrality within the emotions, towards the new blessings awaiting you, not diving back within the old that does not exist in your now. Keep following your heart.

Much Love xxx

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