Stepping Up

30th June 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Stepping up into our powerful light can be one of the hardest things for us to do, the belief systems we have formed about our worthiness, our value, our abilities, being seen, being judged, the list goes on can muddle so much of what we feel Soul and heart led to step into. At times it feels like a dance of ten steps back and one forward. Past lifetimes and experiences can also play a big part here within our belief systems. The message today, it’s okay beautiful heart to feel afraid, it’s okay beautiful heart to feel unsure, to feel hesitant at times. It’s okay to retreat when it feels too hard, it’s not giving up its stepping up to where you feel you are able to in that moment and allowing yourself to let things settle and integrate. Instead of comparing or judging yourself change the pattern and show yourself the love that you deserve.

We are given the opportunities that help us work with these limiting belief systems within our experiences, your job just do the best you can. All is unfolding as it is meant to be, all is leading you to realise the light that you ARE, that you are of, the Light that is already present, you don’t have to reach out to it, or pull it to you, it is not outside of you, it is you, within you for you are a part of it. Just keep stepping forth no matter what it looks like for you for you beautiful heart are rising and expanding in each and every moment, with each and every breath and beat of your heart. It’s okay to feel scared to shine, it’s okay to be scared to be seen for who you know you are, take your time as Soul is every guiding you to realise the enormity of love that you are.

Some of you no matter your profession or role you play in this lifetime at this time may be feeling the ‘leadership’ call, feel the undeniable strong pull to be the leader that you are, you have played this part before in other lifetimes, the pull to greater acknowledge who you are. This is about stepping further into the Souls calling to serve, to be of service to humanity. Whether you are a hairdresser, a nurse, a teacher, a stay at home mum the calling to rise and to be authentically you, to live your life allowing your unique expression to be seen, to shine forth however that looks for you, to get rid of the BS that many of us have allowed to stay in our lives, some that yes we have created for ourselves for we make our own choices is very strong, why because it doesn’t align and sit within our authentic selves. This is the calling to step into greater self-responsibility, accountability, authenticity and it is a result of the work you have done, the choices you have made to do and be a better version of the perfectness you already are. It’s okay to feel hesitant, scared, not ready, keep working with your beliefs that tell you that you are anything less than love, be gentle and kind to yourself as you navigate this path for you are moving through some incredibly big ‘themes’ in your life, they are not new to the Soul but you in this lifetime are working to bring many to completion. Its powerful work beautiful hearts. Hands on your heart, close your eyes and remind yourself of the magic that you are.

Much Love xxx

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