Love the Inner Critic for what it Shows You

18th February 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Let that little inner judge, that little inner critic voice go today, thank it for showing up, acknowledge it and let it know that your Soul self, you as a Divine human has other plans that don’t include this way of thinking, being, doing. This isn’t going to be your path of thought today, you choose to rise above your own human mind and choose a higher vibrational thought process.

You are seeing through the doubts and fears, the self-criticisms that come and go or that are projected towards another/s, you see now that they are just showing you what is yet to be fully loved and accepted within your own self. So you take the thought and you love it, your hold it, you breathe with it and you lovingly choose to not sink into it but to love it, to heal it, to heal yourself. Your personal awareness is growing and we truly are changing at a rapid pace. Do you see how exciting this is, greater self-realisation, greater self-responsibility, greater self-mastery BOOM!

You are a magical, magical, marvel, you are the blessing. Now take that into your heart, breathe that and magnify that through your being, through your field and blast that ahead of you, all around you in your day. Own who you are, you magnificent light.

Much love and peace to all xxx

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