Todays Messages

6th June 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Its a public holiday here in Western Australia so today has been one of new plants in pots and the garden and cleaning up which always feels good. All day there has been the sense that there is so much going on with so many, all trying to navigate their lives as best they can and all having such vastly different experiences, of course we can only really do ourselves as best we can. Sometimes this sense of whats going on collectively can feel strange and means stopping for a moment to check in with the self and check if what is being felt is actually mine or not, who it belongs to. Many of you may also be experiencing this, feelings and knowings but there are simply no words to describe what exactly that it is you are picking up on. And there is nothing wrong it is just a sense of knowing.

Some are travelling deeper emotions within relationships, some feel in a void space as if in a waiting space. We are all different but no matter what you are experiencing all is okay, all is a perfect part of the plan for you to experience at this time, and all is working to shift you forwards and open your heart to greater love and to live more authentically you.

We are within every moment of this experience working to open and expand our hearts and allow love to flow through us with greater ease and magnitude. All that we are experiencing is working to bring us back to love, to choose love over fear, to honour our true feelings and allow ourselves to be seen, heard, and experience our life in our fullest most open expression of self.

Everything at this time is being amplified and this is not just the things that are perhaps out of alignment for you but all that is working for you, that is aligned. Tune in to yourself so you can really feel within you, feel the vibration of every experience, interaction, emotion, conversation and identify how it feels in your body, how it feels within your heart and thus if it is needing your attention in some way to bring better balance. We are being shown where there is opposition occurring between the head and the heart, where certain activities, routines, people, may not be in our best interest to keep connecting with, or to keep connecting with but not in the same way as we have been. All working for us to build greater open, honest and authentic connections.

Be mindful of how much you are absorbing through outside sources that can fill you up with negativity or side-track you from your pathway forward. It doesn’t mean being blind or ignorant as to what is going on in our world but being mindful that everything has its own energy and has the ability to destabilise your emotions and sense of peace that you are trying to cultivate. News, media, world events can easily bring in fear and unbalance the emotional body. As your vibration is quickly shifting and consciousness rising you may find that these things affect you more, you feel more of an emotional charge so being responsible for what you are allowing to be within your field becomes more important.

Much Love to all xxx