Head vs Heart ~ Awareness

25th October 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

The mind comes through today, it wants to speak of all the ways it helps us within our day, its logical and rational side that helps us within our life. It feels it gets a bad rap at times, accused of overthinking and leading away from the heart, it just wants to have its say and feel valued, to speak of its helpfulness, and its doing so I feel as the message today is again about the head (mind) versus the heart.

There are a few messages today around this and this is being brought forth for us for the entirety of this week. For it is most times that the want for changes is born out of the heart and many a time what you are receiving cannot be rationalised or logicised by the mind. When we over engage with the mind, dive into it mentally and try to make logical sense of things we are actually handing it all over to the head, and yes it’s helpful but it is limited in its vision in comparison to the heart. The heart is our connection with ourselves, with the Divine, it is our true core.

This week feels very much about opening to new beginnings, keep following the pathway, opening further to change. Whether change has presented to you in your inner or outer world how are you helping yourself ground into this change, how are you supporting your forward movement within this change? Keep following and listening to your heart, allow the mind, the head to catch up later on, it will make sense to it in the space of time most times, trust all you are receiving.

Have you head, your rational mind ‘serve’ your heart, the intuitive mind.  Remember to trust yourself at this time especially, you are tidying up and letting go of things that have been held on to for so long,  believe in yourself, the process and all that is unfolding. Keep moving beyond the limits you have placed on yourself, keep moving forth on the pathway that best serves you and your future. Honour and respect your path and where you are right now, no matter what that looks like. Be mindful of when you may fall back into second guessing yourself, your decisions. Be mindful of not getting caught up in the head/mind around where you are and where you want to be, what you feel and how you want to feel. Keep out of judgement, know all is perfect, it really is, step forth with trust and allow your heart to lead. Keep stepping in love. This last week of October feels a time of cleaning up and gaining little insights into the newness, the magic that is already present for you.

Much Love xxx

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