Serving the Self

15th November 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

What do you have on your plate today, is it filled up or do you have freedom to move a bit? Have you set a plan and list of things to do without feeling into yourselves and whether you actually feel in a space to do them or if they are aligning with you? Opportunity to consciously make changes, make choice to do differently, to see the patterns and routines we allow ourselves to walk within in our day/s and choose in some instances to do some things another way, or perhaps not at all. Are you filling your day and not being aware, being present and connected to yourself and thus fully feeling into your thoughts and actions, your whys and the messages of your inner being?

We can so easily slip into, especially within the Monday to Friday weekdays a form of auto pilot where we just go through the motions without conscious awareness to if they are serving in the best possible way anymore, we become so comfortable with the familiar habits and routines as they in some instances make us feel in control and safe. Spirts message today is about bringing in what you love, what is aligned and being brave enough sometimes to stop doing what we know keeps us in the familiar, the safe, or that takes us away from doing for ourselves, self-love, giving to the self.

Some may feel a bit tender today so go gently, if you find yourself being revisited by the pasts emotions and hurts, or just feel a little raw emotionally its perfectly okay, be gentle with yourself as you allow all to move within and through you, it will pass. If you need to cry, cry, express and let it out. We are still very much being shown where we are and have been for a long while in some cases ignored the needs of the self, over given of your love, time, self and much of the emotional energy at present is around this, if you are feeling it you are being lovingly shown that coming back to you, coming back within and filling your own cup is long overdue. Many of the routines we slip into don’t serve us but others, so is this where you are being guided to choose to doing differently so there is greater balance, what responsibilities are you doing for others that they are more than capable of doing on their own or they are just expecting it to be done by you, how can you help yourself here and honour you more?

Much Love xxx

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