Repeating Stories

25th April 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Pay attention to what seem to be the repeating themes, the reoccurring particularly within relationships in your life, that familiar I’ve been here before or felt or thought this way before, possibly too many times to count, that which is recurring within present situations as they are coming up for us to review. All offers us the gift of greater awareness and possibly letting go of some old stories if we are ready to have those hard conversations or express from the heart how we truly feel, to be vulnerable and open, honest not only with others but ourselves. This includes a deep look inwards at the part we play in those recurring relationship themes, what are you allowing or accepting to be a part of your life and are you being honest with yourself? You are so much better at seeing the patterns.

Keep standing in love within your powerful self and take action where aligned and guided to. Your eyes, your knowing, your awareness is opening more and more particularly where things are calling to be expressed, where there is a lack of honesty or transparency with those closest to you. What keeps revisiting your mental thoughts? What’s coming up and calling for review for you?Some are aware, deeply aware but are not yet able to break the patterns particularly around self-care, how you think and feel about your body. It’s really important to be kind to yourself and if you try something new or implement things to nurture yourself and your body and you cant seem to make them stick, just yet it’s okay. Keep going keep trying you will get there; it takes a lot of trying sometimes to break habits of a lifetime and sometimes many lifetimes. It all starts with your awareness and being kind to yourself as you try to make changes. Your willingness to try is acknowledged, keep trying do the best you can, don’t give up you will come back to it or it to you have no fear of that. All is serving you to honour and love yourself more. It’s beautiful but sometimes hard work, you got this. There feels a lot of trauma and grief is coming up to be released at this time from within the body. Particularly those that have experienced body trauma from others or self-inflicted, whether action, word or thoughts. Big healing occurring so go gently.

Much Love xxx

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