Trust what you are receiving & move with it

21st February 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

What may be illuminated for you is what the mind may have been pushing that has not actually been in your best interests of for your highest serving at this time. Perhaps this is something you have had within your heart, or so it felt it was from the heart (at the time), the desire to create, be, do, your direction forwards, but it may with recent insight being given to you/received be showing you that where you are now what you align with now, the higher version of you that has emerged is in fact shifting direction or shape, its form of creation.

This speaks of only the short period of time since the beginning of this year which has seen us all having shifted through so much in under just two months, worked to really come into a stronger sense of self, self-love and honour, a flow state which hasn’t been easy at times with the waves of Light we have been impacted with and the (seeming) quickness which things have arisen from within. So much has been working to open us to greater understanding and resolution, strength within ourselves, a powerful force is emerging, a strong yet soft determination to stand in our powerful light with love is ever continuing to unfurl. So you may find that what you have been or thought you had been creating or heading towards takes a complete U turn or changes direction slightly, don’t be surprised by this is the message, move with it. BE GUIDED HERE, ALL is showing you better ways of bringing to creation in your life, no matter what aspect of it. Patience not to act or rush if it is not all clear, let more information drop in or you may find that you are changing direction yet again very quickly. Let it unfold.

Time to really trust and hand it over and this may not feel very comfortable at all, the resistance and what to ignore is palpably felt depending on what this attaches to in your life, but its time to see through and trust your knowing, Soul’s guidance is leading you. The more resistance the harder it will feel the messier it will be in your head, the least resistance you attach it may feel a little emotional still, a little lost, a little hard but keep bringing the head into the heart for support to let go, you will feel that warm embrace and Divine support wrapping around you as you trust your path and its unfolding, this is the learning, trust. The head may want to try to find ways around it, bringing up deep resistance to not make change here, old patterns and ways of being, our stubbornness or need to be right, aversion to see the truth of what has been shown. More self-mastery/learning arises, it’s all good all in our own individual timing. The mind needs to detach a little so the heart can guide you, then the mind can come back on board a little more again to engage in the practical side of things which it is helpful for in moving forwards and doing.

Much Love xxx

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