Todays message is part channel with Archangel Michael.

14th July 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Allow any thoughts that are connected to lack or limitation to be experienced but not to be taken on or felt as anything negative, rather showing you where there are still unhealed, unloved parts of yourself to bring into love. See them for what they are, mistruths of the ego, the mind, the human personality as it experiences its grown within the Earth plane, and yes the connection of other lifetimes. For in essence you are never lacking, never limited nor have you ever been. You are a limitless blessing of love it is only in your humanness that you feel a sense of lack, of separation. Dear Child, you have never been separated, forsaken or truly alone no matter your experience on Earth.

Work with bringing balance to your thoughts and emotions, learn to disconnect from that which is outside of you, outside of your control, outside of your responsibility so you can cultivate greater patience and peace within.

Rise above Dear Child of Light and keep opening to the magic that is all around you, that is ever present within you, that which you are. Immeasurable beauty is within you, present in the seen and unseen around you in abundance if only you choose to see it.

Much Love and Starlight to all xxx

(Image courtesy of unknown)