Moving Forward with your New Awareness

19th May 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Do you know how incredible, how beautiful you truly are, are you hiding your light your love, your beautiful self-expression for the Universe, the Divine is calling you to step out as you have so much to offer. You are beautiful you are perfect and when you shrink yourself down to fit into other ideas of you or hide yourself away out of fear, not see who or what you truly are you withhold not only your energy but your love, love for yourself love for others. Time to embrace yourself and embrace all of your uniqueness, quirks and all, we all have them this is our beauty and our uniqueness, our magic, let yourself shine. Again the message of walking with the higher wisdom gained, your deeper understanding of yourself, your personality, seeing yourself as the divine being you are, the divine human you are.

You may be presented with in these post eclipse energies the situations, conversations and encounters that allow you to put into practice all you have learned and expanded within. Be the observer, for you are seeing through so much of what is occurring around you, within you, your awareness is rising in all ways and it is assisting you to really move through things that in the past would have hung around a lot longer, you are moving through choosing love and connecting with your higher knowing, choosing a different way. The old paradigms are dropping away. Keep choosing to respond to people, situation and experiences with the response you are proud of, not from the old reactionary. Know however that you may slip in and out, hey you are human right, give yourself a break, some experiences need to be voiced and your emotions need to be expressed it is just knowing when is aligned and honours you and all in love. You will be very present and aware of when you come from that ‘old space’, you will see it clearly although your reaction will have been ahead of your realisation. This is perfect, see the growth see the beauty in your awareness now being able to see yourself, this is huge progress for you, keep going. You are mastering with each experience not allowing the personality to overrule the soul the divine self.

Remember you alone have the power to choose in each moment what you do in that moment, how you respond or decide to act. Keep allowing the heart and the soul to guide you. You are working within deeper levels of forgiveness, this involves the past as you are reminded that in forgiveness of yourself you bring in acceptance of what may have occurred which, doesn’t mean you forget or condone, but that you choose to move forward, to take any learnings and choose to expand, to grow from them rather than be held back or hold on to the pain stuck within the energies of the past.

We are learning to choose the light in each moment, to choose love over fear within each breath. There truly is such a beautiful opening occurring within each and very one of you. It is a time of heart expansion.

Much Love xxx

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