Head & Heart Coming Together

18th October 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Calling your hearts awareness to be present within all your choices at this time, take a moment to engage the heart before acting solely from the head in your choices. Run them through the heart, bring the logical mind/the head into the heart, see, sense, feel, imagine it occurring. Deep breath in set intention and focus on the head, use the exhalation of the breath to imagine, see, sense, feel the mind coming down and meeting within the heart space, see the hearts (you may see the head and the heart as sparks of light) light coming to merge with the minds light so they can assist you within making choices that align and assist to keep propelling your towards the new openings occurring as you continue to release the old. We are clearing so much at this time.

The heart is continually guiding us to move beyond what we fear, to come back to trust in all ways within ourselves so we can step out of the comfortable familiar places we have made for ourselves and explore, create, dream imagine more for ourselves, to believe in the limitless possibilities that surround us if we only keep trusting the heart, keep opening our hearts and continue to recognise the ego when it comes to play, led by the head (logical mind) to tell us we cant in its many forms.

It all starts with loving yourself, don’t give up on connecting with the love that you are, keep courageously allowing your heart to open, keep choosing love, to allow the light of love to fill you up through the Divine heart. To reconnect you with the powerful understanding that you are this Divine Love, you are already it, it is the core of who you are Dear Hearts. You are so, so, very deserving, worthy, valued and more capable that you will ever comprehend.

Hands on your heart “I AM Peace, I AM Light, I AM LOVE.” “I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU”. It may be really uncomfortable to feel your heart and tell yourself you love yourself, just the reason to do it, as we want to dissolve the separation and disconnection we have with ourselves and love. Don’t just go through the motion of speaking the words, FEEL the heart stir, feel the love, the emotions, the energy present with each word as the heart opens to receive. The heart centre, the centre of you is the point of connection with All.

Little pop in – Over the next week emotions may rise, if they do come back to the heart, this feels connected to the moon and as I look this up we see there is a New Moon Solar Eclipse occurring on the 25th, this feels a huge one in relation to rebirthing and endings but may for some feel a little ungrounding and intense. So I feel this message is for those that may be over the coming days picking up on this. Come back to the heart, all is okay allow yourself space to recognise what your emotions are telling you without sinking into them as best you can. A time of allowing release of what wants to be let go of as with all endings new beginnings arrive. Allow your head and heart to merge and dissolve any fears. I feel guided to ask if anyone would like me to bring in a short audio for bringing the head into the heart and dissolving any fears present? Let me know.

Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of unknown)