Creating Greater Inner Freedom

11th April 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Keep focusing on working to expand your freedom from within. This is the process we are working within in the releasing and clearing out that is occurring. We are making space as we let go of what is restricting, holding us in a particular pattern, or feeling stagnant and opening up from the inside out.Be mindful of the pressures you may be placing on yourself to do, to achieve, to ‘have to’. Relax and allow your actions to flow from a space of what truly feels right rather than the focus being on a ‘timeframe’ of your human making.

(I feel) that this is being expressed today as there is a powerful creative energy coming in this week, one we may find brings with it new ideas, a boost to intuitive connections, a heightening. Those that are actively connecting and working with their light especially those that are drawn to support others you may find your ‘inner calling’ may be amplified or stepped up a notch this week whilst others may be just opening up to this in their awareness.

If you find your emotions feel charged this week within these heightened energies and you are finding it hard to ground or your usual grounding practices don’t seem to feel as solid, go within, allow all to be, let go of the need to judge how you feel or label it as anything wrong, sit with it, acknowledge it and seek the message that it is trying to bring to you, what is it showing you? Is it showing you where the discord is within your life, or the disconnect? Again responsibility and the power you have with your awareness to change and bring in greater harmony, freedom.Keep letting go, let go of the expectations you place on yourself, that you have of yourself and keep sinking into trusting that all is perfect, all is occurring and will occur, be ready to occur at the right divine time. Release the pressure off yourself and bring in the love. As you let go you are working with strengthening your beautiful empowerment within your systems, freedom within that allows you to flow with and within all, to align you with the natural universal flow of your life.

Much Love xxx

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